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GlobalPact is developing cutting edge technology applications to meet the burgeoning requirements of the GCC and North African countries. It has a number of areas covered under its operations such as Software development, Networking Solutions – Structured cabling, Wireless Access; IP telephony; Security – Close Circuit TV: IP cameras, Controlled Access: Biometrics/Smart card system, Time Attendance System; RFID applications and IT hardware products. The company has expertise in developing software related to business, scientific and engineering applications. The emerging demands for security requirements in business premises, banking & financial sectors, hospitals, retail etc. are aptly fulfilled through the cogent solutions developed in-house by the company. The thrust areas of the company are detailed below:

GlobalPact has kept pace with rapid changes in the technology and it specializes in technology solutions, deployment and management of global enterprise solutions for large corporations across industry spectrum on a global delivery platform. Our integrated service spectrum spans IT-program management, enterprise solutions deployment, and application management and support services. GlobalPact has rich experience in studying, analyzing and implementing business applications. Each business process is studied carefully and closely with extensive feedback from the customers. Our expertise enables us to deliver scalable, robust and secure enterprise applications. Globalpact is committed to providing high-quality technological solutions and value-based IT-program management for enterprise-wide systems across wide service areas.

At GlobalPact we understand that every oranisation has its own standards, processes and procedures and no single solution can cater to the diverse needs of different companies. Thus we involve the client to come up with their requirements and then strive to provide the best quality solution within budget and the given timeframe.

GlobalPact has its strength in the development of software catering to varied environments such as business, science, entertainment, media & advertising, gaming, academics, hospitality, engineering etc. The company deals with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software encompassing Financial Management, Inventory Control, Manufacturing, HR & Pay Roll, Sales Management systems etc.

Radio Frequency Identification has tremendous scope in diverse business sectors. RFID has caught the attention of a large number of different sectors. This groundbreaking technology makes it possible to link an object to a set of detailed information which can then be processed in a computerized database. The advantage is that this information transmission occurs without the need for physical or visual contact.

Some of its advantages are:

Improved Customer Service:
• Stocks are always available on shelves as merchandise management systems inform staff well in advance when it’s time to reorder.
• Modern merchandise management systems automatically recognise when goods are nearing their best-before date so that staff can order fresh stocks in good time.
• Products will become even safer: customers will be able to trace food right back to the producer using Information Terminals.
• Consumers can receive detailed information about individual articles. People with ailments and allergies, for example, can call up information about product ingredients.
• In the home of the future, RFID will make it easier to maintain stocks of essential items and plan shopping trips.
• Exchanging products will be easier in future: customers will be able to exchange goods or make warranty claims without receipts.

Greater Efficiency for the Retailers:
• Retailers will be able to regulate stocks much more effectively and use storage capacities more efficiently.
• There will be no need for manual checks of incoming and outgoing goods; logistics processes will be faster.
• In the long term, the increased availability of goods will lead to increased turnover and higher market share.
• Fewer articles will be lost, as tags can also be linked with a store’s anti-theft system.
• Surpluses of food products can be minimised: automatic checks of products’ best-before date allows special offers or promotions to be initiated in good time.
• RFID will provide a precise overview of stocks at all times, thus, no need for manual checking of goods.

More planning security for the industry
• Manufacturers can avoid supply shortages and plan their capacities better.
• RFID makes merchandise management quicker and easier. For example, the goods in a delivery can be automatically compared with the retailer’s order at the manufacturer’s premises before being approved for shipment.
• RFID can offer protection from counterfeiting and forgeries. With the aid of the Electronic Product Code, each item can be traced back to the manufacturer.

Some of the solutions developed for the industry using RFID are:

Intelligent & Secure Stores – This solution is developed for the retail industry in order to directly monitor, track and control the handling of goods and assets within a jewelry store or any other valuable goods retail store. It directly monitors the handling of goods by the sales people and managers within the store and applies the company policies without any human intervention.

Smart Retail: RFID based tags are employed to enable efficient sale at the POS and facilitate simple inventory management.

Logistics – Solution for asset or supply chain control. It envisages the tracking and control of goods and assets within an organization or its supply chain. By tagging the organization assets or goods with the supply chain, an accurate view can be developed of current assets or goods location within the organization or supply chain, warehouses, buildings and fleet. All of these can be monitored and controlled in real time.

Healthcare – Solution for new born babies, medical equipment control, medical administration. The solution for healthcare is comprehensive and includes a phased approach to introduce business intelligence in administrating hospital-patients.
Educational Institutions – Solution for schools, colleges, libraries etc. catering to multiple needs.

GlobalPact designs, implements, supports and maintains IT networks for organizations. It provides cost-effective, high quality solutions from conceptualization to commissioning stage, to build reliability and security into standalone as well as converged Data/Voice/Video networks for unified communications. GlobalPact specializes in Office Network Systems, End to End Inter Networking, Backbone Switching, Wired/ Wireless Networking, Broadband Access Solutions, Network Security, Firewall/VPN solutions, Support and Maintenance etc. Right from the site survey, Design, Documentation to Implementation the company provides integrated Data/Voice & Video convergence solutions as per the standards and high quality specifications.

Our  Associate Unisafe International provides and installs security equipment such as closed circuit TV and high quality cameras with or without night vision capability to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, manufacturing units, business premises, schools, banks etc. It also has access control solutions based on biometrics technology as well as smart card based solutions.

In addition, the group has diversified in the field of electronic security system & surveillance. We have provided electronic security in the form of intruder alarm system, CCTV networks, electronic parking system etc. for various Indian private sector and government companies. Out of more than 200 clients some of the clients are:-

– Life Insurance Corporation of India Ltd., New Delhi

– Honda Siel Cars India Ltd., Noida & Rajasthan

– BOC India Ltd., Faridabad

– DSC Ltd.

– Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

– NDTV, New Delhi

– Ambience Group (real estate company), New Delhi & Gurgaon

– Parsvnath Mall (real estate company), Faridabad

– RITES Ltd., Gurgaon

– South Campus, New Delhi

– Modern School, New Delhi

– ITL Public School, New Delhi

– Delhi Public School, New Delhi

– Banco de Sabadell, New Delhi

– Landcraft, Ghaziabad, etc. etc.

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