Media and Advertising

Global Pact “Media” consists of the following major departments:

The need to communicate exists in all GOD’s creations. Animal life, plant life, aquatic even a new-born baby, its laughter, all are major forms of communication. Inspired by the aforesaid, GlobalPact deals with extensive research work backed by creative and technical inputs.
Our main aim is to create and preach the aesthetics involved in both the formats of media i.e. Print and Electronic. Say, when we talk about documentary we imply that documentaries are narration of facts. Hence ways, modes of research have to be paramount and authentic.

Regarding the TV commercials, as its ideas are backed by techniques, our aim is to stimulate or catch the impulses of the people. A complete process right from ALPHA to OMEGA will be produced.

Documentary has another segment termed as docu – drama where a documentary is shown in an entertaining fashion e.g. Discovery of India. This is now upon the director, script to decide that what kind of treatment one should give.
Our main concern will be to generate an idea or a thought, share it with you, may be a thousand times, still we don’t get exhausted, as our main aim is to satisfy our clients. Then we will further get into its technical part, here too we will share maybe a thousand times with the client. Client satisfaction is what we are looking for.

GlobalPact offers a wide range of entertainment production services that creates products, which ensure a positive and wholesome experience along with providing a true value for all client investments made in our technical expertise. The range of comprehensive set of services that we provide is targeted at making every project that we work on as another reminder to our growing list of memorable success stories.

GlobalPact Production has a prime objective of reinventing the Electronic & Print Media. This department can conceptualized & provide both Production and Studio services for the following:

• Production facilities & Direction

• Commercials & Advertising

• Corporate Films

• Documentaries

• Show Packaging

• Title Sequence

• Film Promos

To animate is to bring life to an object and greatly enhance the attractiveness of its presentation. In recent times, with the proliferation of avenues for communication and entertainment, the scope of animation has exploded. Seeing is believing and we mean it. The advent of computers as a tool for animation & special effects has eased the process of animation and has freed the artist to focus on his creative talents. 2D & 3D animation is now extensively used in production & commercials. A study of materials, textures, light conditions and view-points is required. Video clips used for showing the glimpses of reality in a multimedia application, presentation of events/documentaries, interactive editing, archiving are also our major focus. We do Post Production work for all Media Software’s.

GlobalPact group companies IAAA & makers multimedia are the permanent members of AMPTPP (Indian Producers Association) and also of Animation Producers Association of India-APAI.
GlobalPact can provide the following Post Production facilities & services

• Special Effects work in light and colour
• Designing and executing High end special effects on 35mm HD    and video formats
• Editing
• Compositing
• Animated Films
• Graphics
• 2D & 3D Animation
• Clay Animation
• Cell Animation
• Rotoscopy
• Walkthrough’s
• Gaming Technology
• Virtual Reality

Colorization is a computerized process that adds color to a black and white movie or TV program. The process was first used in 1970 to add color to monochrome footage of the moon from the Apollo mission. In 1983, Markle found colorization, Inc. The word “colorization” soon became a generic name for the adding of color to black and white footage.
GlobalPact’s sister concern “Indian Academy of Arts & Animation” IAAA has created history by creating the first of its kind of software for colorization i.e. Effect Plus. Effect Plus has been used by IAAA for converting the biggest Indian Classic “Mughal-e-Azam” into colour and that created a worldwide history as Mughal-e-Azam is the first film in the world to be restored & coloured for the Cinemascope format.

IAAA also bagged & implemented a major contract for restoring & colouring a series of all time Hollywood classics “Sherlock Holmes” from Universal Studious.

We are using a patented digital colour remastering technique. We have DDR and DDS which provide video and film resolution colorization services of unprecedented quality. Colorization can now breathe new life into valuable programming that has lost marketability due to the decreasing acceptance of black and white materials in the world of television and movies market. The process provides a palette of 16.7 million colors that makes the image come alive with the most natural colors. The process is also completely digital and HDTV ready. The success of IAAA’s efforts will help India to retain its eminent position in the select league of Digital World.

IAAA got several national and international awards for its contribution to IT & Media industry and also rated among the top 20 “wired ” & Hi-tech companies of India by Business Today survey.

  • Umar Siddiqui
  • Salman A Khan
  • Nagesh Kukunoor
  • Basem Dabour
  • Reba Ayaz
  • Raaja Jaffrey
  • Anas Baqai